circle theorem

circle theorem
теорема о круге

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  • Gershgorin circle theorem — In mathematics, the Gershgorin circle theorem may be used to bound the spectrum of a square matrix. It was first published by the Belarusian mathematician Semyon Aranovich Gershgorin in 1931. The spelling of S. A. Gershgorin s name has been… …   Wikipedia

  • Hadamard three-circle theorem — In complex analysis, a branch of mathematics, the Hadamard three circle theorem is a result about the behavior of holomorphic functions.Let f(z) be a holomorphic function on the annulus :r 1leqleft| z ight| leq r 3. Let M(r) be the maximum of… …   Wikipedia

  • Milne-Thomson circle theorem — In fluid dynamics the Milne Thomson circle theorem or the circle theorem is a statement giving a new stream function for a fluid flow when a cylinder is placed into that flow.[1][2] It was named after the English mathematician L. M. Milne Thomson …   Wikipedia

  • Circle packing theorem — Example of the circle packing theorem on K5, the complete graph on five vertices, minus one edge. The circle packing theorem (also known as the Koebe–Andreev–Thurston theorem) describes the possible tangency relations between circles in the plane …   Wikipedia

  • Circle — This article is about the shape and mathematical concept. For other uses, see Circle (disambiguation). Circle illustration showing a radius, a diameter, the centre and the circumference …   Wikipedia

  • Circle group — For the jazz group, see Circle (jazz band). Lie groups …   Wikipedia

  • Circle packing — This article describes the packing of circles on surfaces. For the related article on circle packing with a prescribed intersection graph, please see the circle packing theorem. The most efficient way to pack different sized circles together is… …   Wikipedia

  • Circle of a sphere — Small circle of a sphere. B …   Wikipedia

  • Circle criterion — In nonlinear control, the circle criterion is an important theorem in showing the stability of nonlinear time varying systems. It can be viewed as a generalization of the Nyquist stability criterion for LTI systems. Overview Consider a linear… …   Wikipedia

  • List of circle topics — This list of circle topics includes things related to the geometric shape, either abstractly, as in idealizations studied by geometers, or concretely in physical space. It does not include metaphors like inner circle or circular reasoning in… …   Wikipedia

  • Descartes' theorem — For other uses, see Descartes theorem (disambiguation). In geometry, Descartes theorem, named after René Descartes, establishes a relationship between four kissing, or mutually tangent, circles. The theorem can be used to construct a fourth… …   Wikipedia

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